Whimsical Greeting Cards Brighten Every Day

The best way to send a message to someone you care for is through whimsical greeting cards. Our cards at Posillico are artistic creations with artistically drawn images combined with heartfelt and uplifting messages. You can choose from cards with text or start with a clean slate and use our blank note cards. We offer cards for birthdays and holidays, and to celebrate friendship and weddings. For more solemn occasions, we offer cards that let you express your deepest sympathy.

Our cards are a gift in themselves with skillfully created and intelligent pictures coupled with just the right words. We use quality paper so you can give these cards with a sense of pride.

If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of people on your Christmas card list, or you just love to send reminders to the special people in your life of how much they mean to you, then you need our greeting card packs. These are very affordable and assure you that you always have the right card on hand when you get invited to a birthday or need one for another special event.

Contact us to order your single greeting cards from us at Posillico, or an entire pack, or if you want to purchase one of our prints, shop from our site today.