Contemporary Art Greeting Cards Send the Message You Desire

Yes, it is true that a picture is indeed worth 1,000 words, but you can get both words and images with the contemporary art greeting cards from Posillico. We have artist greeting cards that are perfect for every occasion. You can use them when you want to send a whimsical message to a friend on their birthday or congratulate a family member on a noteworthy accomplishment.

Our contemporary art cards are produced by Leo Posillico, a skilled artist and visual designer who calls upon a wealth of experience to create whimsical images. Leo applies his unique talents to come up with pictures and designs that are readily identifiable as his work while appealing to everyone.

You can always find the perfect card for the occasion and have the option to choose ones with words or a blank space that you can fill with heartfelt messages. If you always want to have a ready supply of artist greeting cards on hand, you can be prepared by choosing one of our specialized packs. These are the perfect item for saying what you intend.

Contact us at Posillico to place an order for greeting cards, card packs, or open edition prints.